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Jana Beutler JANA BEUTLER, M.Ed, Co-Creator and Author of the Curvy Woman Workout.

I am the former Co-Owner of SWAT Personal Training (Strength Wellness Athletic Training) in Tucson AZ, and Owner and Director of Life in Motion Life and Fitness Coaching in Sacramento, CA.

I am a former Board Certified Masters Level Therapist, and a published author on various subjects including weight loss, motivation, making change, goal-setting, overcoming emotional obstacles. I have been interviewed on life coaching topics for popular national magazines, including Health Magazine, and Experience Life Magazine.

But none of that is why or how the Curvy Woman Workout was created.

It was created because as a curvy woman with a real life and real issues, I needed a solution to a problem I was having.

As owner of a fitness company, I'm sure you can imagine that there is a great deal of pressure to look a certain way. As a personal trainer and life coach, I always thought I knew what I needed to do to stay in shape. And for much of my life, I did a good job of exactly that. My weight was under control, and I got plenty of exercise and tried to eat right. My body cooperated and I had no real health issues.

And then I hit 40.

I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, gained over 20 pounds, and had difficulty building or maintaining muscle. With the weight gain and decreased exercise capacity, I was actually embarrassed. After all, I know better! I'm educated, experienced, and knowledgeable about weight loss, exercise, fitness and nutrition. So what was the deal?

I felt pretty lousey most of the time. My body seemed to have stopped cooperating. It stopped responding. And no matter what I did, the weight wouldn't come off, and muscle tone was decreasing. And having been relatively lean my whole life, I didn't recognize my own body.

I DID know that I was healthy. That I was still me. And that I DID NOT want to obsess about my weight on the scale. I knew there had to be a way to celebrate my body - in whatever form - and focus on its function, movement and health, and NOT on its size. I wanted a REAL fitness program, that was realistic and effective, and didn't make me feel like I needed to get in shape before I started!

But there wasn't a program out there. So I decided to create my own. So after talking to my partner Ron (the best personal trainer in the world,) we developed a fitness and nutrition program that I could follow in the privacy of my home, that wasn't focused on weight, and allowed me to focus on being strong, fit and healthy, even if the weight stayed the same. And thus was born the Curvy Woman Workout program. And ironically, it worked for me not only for building strength and endurance and increasing my confidence and fitness level - but I lost weight, my thyroid condition improved, and it was almost like I had jump started my body's engine again!

So if you're like me, you may have some extra pounds that have accumulated over the years. But you don't want that to stop you from feeling good, looking good, and being proud of yourself and your body!

This program was made for you. It's fast, effective, realistic and motivating. We take you from wherever you are, and make you better. Stronger, leaner, more fit and more healthy. And all without having to use cheesy words like or "Belly Flab Blasting" or "Fat Busting." It's so much more than that! We include motivation, affirmations, and tools to keep your head in the game, and increase your confidence and appreciation for your curves. THAT's what the Curvy Woman Workout is all about!

more about me....

I'm a former group strength training instructor, Director of SWAT Fit Kids and I'm a former hip-hop and adult dance fitness teacher. I'm also the creator and author of the "Weight Loss 911" and "Kitchen Intervention" programs.

I am a former high school teacher, counselor and law enforcement officer (having worked as a Probation Officer). When I got my Masters Degree and got involved in fitness training, I was able to find a way to use skills from each in my career as a life coach, fitness and weight loss author, counselor and mentor.

As a Fitness Life and Weight Loss Coach, I work with clients on goal-setting, staying motivated, and implementing healthy lifestyle habits. I believe in education, accountability and mindset. Although I'm a Tucson based lifestyle coach, I am fortunate to works with clients all over the country—working by phone or online.

My Experience

M. Ed., Educational Psychology, Northern Arizona University, with an Emphasis in Counseling & Guidance

B.S. Ed., University of Arizona

Trained Lifestyle / Wellness Coach, Adlerian School of Professional Coaching

Certified Personal Trainer (NESTA) and Adventure Boot Camp Instructor

Dance Teacher / Instructor (Hip hop, jazz, adult dance)

Founder and former Co-Owner, SWAT Personal Training

Owner, Life in Motion Coaching

Former President, Adlerian Society of Arizona

Member - Tucson Coaches Alliance, CoachVille, U.S. Life Coach Association, International Federation of Coaches, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Member - Marana Chamber of Commerce, Northern Pima County Chamber of Commerce



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