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ron and jana hollandThe Curvy Woman Workout program was conceptualized and developed by the two of us – Jana and Ron Holland, because we really wanted to share our exciting programs, and knowledge we’ve accumulated along the way, with real women of all ages and all sizes.

Ron and I developed the Curvy Woman Workout with the idea that ALL women can and should finally experience a motivating and effective fitness program which isn’t primarily focused on weight loss as much as fitness and exercise (and better health) for women with curves.

We know that not all women can, or even want to be, any particular size that society dictates. With that in mind, the program is designed to enhance and improve the female shape, tone up particular “problem” areas, and allow women to feel fit and attractive, no matter the size.

With that said, we’ve found that an interesting side effect of the Curvy Woman Workout IS often weight loss, by improving muscle tone and increasing metabolism naturally. So although we know it’s much more important to be FIT than to be THIN, the program does result in significant fat loss and enhanced shape and curviness! What a bonus!

The goal of SWAT’s Curvy Woman Workout program isn’t to GET RID of your curves…. It’s to work with whatever curves you’ve already got to make them even better… in just 45 days!

Finally – You can STOP focusing on what you weigh – and focus on what you have to gain in motivation, energy, and confidence! The 30-day Beta program was a HUGE success, and we’re finally ready to release the program to the public! during our 21-day Beta Study, our amazing group of women lost over 100 inches in their waists and lost 215 pounds! And the results didn’t stop there.

We hear over and over from women in the program that they love the workouts, because they love the results. They are stronger, have more endurance, and get leaner and more toned in minimal time, in an encouraging group setting where they are accepted and appreciated for being exactly who they are, the way they are.

Many of our participants had given up on finding a program that would work for them. Tired of the gym scene, or tired of doing the traditional “circuit training” or aerobics programs for years without results, this program has woken up their bodies, stimulated metabolism that had been stalled for years, and gotten them excited about the “exercise” part of their health program.

We’re so pleased to be a part of your journey, and thank you for putting your trust in us, and in yourself. We look forward to hearing about your experience, and expect great things from you!

Jana and Ron

Still Want More information?

The Curvy Woman Workout™ program is designed to sculpt, tighten and tone your body, regardless of your age, current physical fitness level or shape. It’s not designed to completely transform your body in 45 days or make you smaller overnight, (although it might!) This program is designed specifically to help you see noticeable improvement in the body parts you dislike when you look in the mirror, and give you more motivation and confidence in the way you look and feel!

We’ve talked to hundreds of women – and one of the most common things we hear is “I’d love to participate, but SWAT sounds intense! I don’t know if I can do it.” Well – this program proves that you can, no matter what fitness level you start out, or what size you happen to be.

Average participants start between 170-220 pounds and 33-36% body fat. And even though it’s not about the WEIGHT – after just 30 days, our Curvy Women average a weight loss of 7 pounds and 3 1/2 inches! And best of all? They feel great, and notice visible differences in their arms, hips, thighs and butt.

We’re not gonna lie. To get the maximum results, you have to put in the work. It’s an intense 6-week program that will require some hard work in order to get the best results possible in the fastest amount of time.

The most important thing you can do to get results is JUST SHOW UP! We’ll provide outstanding instruction and coaching.You show up and do your workouts. We’ll guide you in your nutrition; you follow the nutrition and cardio plan and turn in a food journal to track your progress. You give your best effort for 45 days – and it’s not always easy. But is it worth it? Absolutely! Visit the results page to see and hear what our clients have to say!

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